Connect in a more meaningful way

Turn your website Into a Destination.

Virtual spaces give us a place to be together anywhere, anytime, with anyone for anything.  That means we stay productive, stay happy, stay safe and stay ahead. Build your business, throw an event, design a showcase, connect with your followers and more.  The Overlay is your solution in a world where staying connected matters.

Shopping and eCommerce

Basscoast Music Festival

Augmented Reality


Volumetric Capture

Maps and Locations

Unlimited visitors or private gathering: You decide.

Our spaces can have any number of visitors. There are no limits to how many people can join your space unless you say so.

Easy to use, easy to create.

Use our template spaces or customize your own to create your perfect virtual place.

About Us.

Our team is dynamic, experienced and passionate about what we do.
We’ve come together from all over the world in the spirit that virtual and augmented reality is not only the future but one that keeps us connected, productive and happy.





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